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   Benjamin Ogle, 1749-1809      Governor of Maryland, 1798-1801, son of Samuel Ogle who was Provincial Governor of Maryland, 1731and 1732.
   Elizabeth Ogle, 1654-1702      Wife of John Ogle, daughter of Peter Jochimson, infamous "Widow Ogle" who was defended by letter from William Penn to Lord Baltimore over a land dispute in Delaware
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   Jacob Ogle, 1747-1777            Grandson of Joseph Ogle, resident of Frederick County Maryland, killed in battler at Foreman's Massacre, Fort Henry.  
   James Ogle, 1753-1800           Son of Joseph Ogle, Captain in Maryland in Militia, American Revolutionary War
   John Ogle, 1649-1683              English settler who came to America with the Nicoll's Expedition as a soldier at age 14. American Ogle patriarch.
   Joseph Ogle, 1707-1756           Part of Thomas Cresap's surveying team in Pennsylvania near present day York. The team was surveying for Lord Baltimore to redraw the border with Maryland.
   Joseph Ogle, 1741-1847           Grandson of Joseph Ogle, Captain at Fort Henry, survived Foreman's Massacre and moved to Illinois, where Ogle County was eventually named for him. Foreman's Massacre        Remembered
   Samuel Ogle, 1694-1752          Three time Provincial Governor of Maryland Colony. English Officer from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, son of Samuel Ogle of Bowsden. Descendant of the Eglingham Ogle family.
   Thomas Ogle, 1743-1782          Grandson of Joseph Ogle, Ensign with Crawford Expedition was killed in battle by Native American warriors in Sandusky Plain.
   Thomas Ogle, 1705-1771          Son of Thomas Ogle (1668), reputed by State of Delaware to be the founder of Ogletown, De.