Thomas Ogle, 1668-1734, and Mary Ogle, 1671-1720

Thomas Scharf wrote in 1888 in his “History of Delaware” that the name Ogletown was already being used to locate the area between      Newark and Christiania, Delaware in 1667, when records noted a road that was laid out from Ogletown to Elk River. Thomas Ogle was born in the area around 1668. He was the first child of John Ogle, who had originally purchased and settled on the land around 1667. Thomas and his brother John each inherited part of the property. Records indicate that John Ogle died intestate, and that his wife Elizabeth petitioned the court for her right to the land, which was granted. The court made provisions for John's sons to receive some of his property as well. It is assumed Elizabeth's property was turned over to her sons after her death in 1713.

Thomas was married twice, first to Mary Crawford in 1703, and then to Elizabeth Robison Graham Arskin, around 1721. Mary died in 1720. She and Thomas had nine children together. Elizabeth and Thomas later had another six children. Ogletown is currently said to have been named for Thomas and Mary's son Thomas Junior, 1705-1771. Thomas Junior died in 1771 and was buried on his property. In the 1980's his grave was partially dug up during a road widening construction project at the intersection of Routes 273 and 4. The Delaware Department of Transportation rebuilt the grave marker and placed a plaque commemorating Thomas Ogle and the town.,_Delaware

Mary Crawford was the daughter of close family friend James Crawford and Judith Gibbs. James Crawford served alongside John Ogle on the side of the English during the siege of Delaware in 1664.

The children of Thomas and Mary Ogle were: Elizabeth, John, Mary, Thomas Jr., Joseph, Margaret, James, Judah, and Benjamin. The children of Thomas and Elizabeth Ogle were: Thomas Edward, Elizabeth, David, Susan, Jane, and Alexander.

Mary married Jeremiah Ball in 1717. Thomas Jr. married Mary Williamson Livingston in 1733 and later married Catherine Howard Williamson. Joseph married Sarah Winters and moved to Maryland by way of Pennsylvania. Margaret married William Coombes and lived in Pennsylvania. James married Grissel Graham and remained in Newcastle County, Delaware at Mill Creek Hundred.

Benjamin married Rebecca Brownert and joined his brother Joseph in Frederick County, Md. Benjamin's sons, Thomas, Jacob, and Joseph fought in the American Revolutionary War, where Thomas and Jacob were killed in battle. Ensign Jacob Ogle was killed in Foreman's massacre where Wheeling, West Virginia is now situated, and Captain Thomas Ogle was killed in the Sandusky Expedition in Ohio. Captain Joseph Ogle moved his family on to southern Illinois after the war. It has been stated that Ogle County, Illinois was named for him, though he did not live in the county. Judah (son) may have actually been Judith (daughter), but not much is known beyond the discrepancies from others' family trees.

Thomas Edward married Margaret Howard. Second daughter named Elizabeth married Joseph MacDonald. Joseph and Elizabeth MacDonald had a powder mill that supplied powder and supplies to the American army during the Revolutionary War, and Elizabeth ran the mill while Joseph was in the military. David Ogle married Margaret Hall in 1747. Not much is written about Jane Ogle. She was five the year her parents died. All of Thomas and Elizabeth's children were minors when they died.

Alexander Ogle was only four years old the year his mother and father died. Alexander eventually joined his brothers to live in Frederick County, Maryland.