William Ogle of Choppington to Luke Ogle of Eglingham

William Ogle of Choppington, 1412-1474, 12th generation:
William Ogle of Choppington was the third son of Sir Robert Ogle, and brother of Robert first Lord Ogle (1406). He was given land in Choppington and Longwitton. In 1472, William served as constable of Prudhoe castle which was controlled by his brother, Robert. The name of William's wife is unknown, but he had three children, Gawen Ogle of Choppington, 1444, Henry Ogle of Eglingham, before 1446, and Margaret Ogle (Jasper) Bradford.
Henry Ogle of Eglingham, before 1446-1541, 13th generation:
Henry Ogle was the second son of Willaim Ogle of Choppington. He was given lands in Eglingham and nearby Bewick in 1514, along with the old manor of Eglingham. Henry married Isabel Musgrave, who was descended from a duchess in Austria, and whose ancestors had come into England with the Normans. They had five children, all sons, Mark Ogle of Eglingham, before 1513, Cuthbert Ogle, birth date unknown, Luke Ogle of Eglingham, John Ogle, and Matthew Ogle.
First born Mark was knighted for his bravery in battle along the border by king Henry VIII in 1535 with the following words: "Marke Ogle of Eglingham, in the County of Northumberland, gentleman, is descended of a noble house of Ogle also of a noble house of Musgrave in the said county, for the good services that the saide Marke Ogle hath at sundry times done in Scotland against the king our sovereign lord's enemies there, manly and valiantly using himself, he receives a confirmation of arms and crest dated at London, August 18th, 26 Henry VIII, A.D. 1535."(1) Mark died before 1550 and it is assumed he never married.
Sir Cuthbert Ogle appears to be the second son of Henry, although his birth date is unknown. He was either a cleric or a priest. Cuthbert was apparently not much of a warrior, but he was present at a number of battles. Cuthbert died in 1546 without children.
Luke Ogle, third son of Henry was not the heir to Eglingham, having died in 1541 before his older brothers, but he did have a son, Luke, who inherited the Eglingham estate, along with a daughter, Julian This Luke would be the 14th generation.
Luke Ogle of Eglingham, before 1541-1597, 15th generation:
In 1547, Mark and brother Luke Ogle leased the village of Burton. In 1597, Luke became involved in a lawsuit with a man named John Selbie, who claimed that his father had military rights to the land for his service in the defense against Scotland. Having written proof of his lease for life, Luke, Anthony Tailbois, and Thomas Watson forcibly expelled John Selbie from the land. The land would revert, by deed, to the crown after the deaths of both Mark and Luke Ogle.
Luke Ogle was the son of Luke Ogle, and had a younger sister, Julian. in 1553 he was deputized to oversee the area between River Aln to the River Till, along with Bamburgh. He became High Sheriff in 1565. Luke built the mansion known as Eglingham Hall on the site of a former peel tower. Luke seems to have married twice, the first time having two children with Margaret, sons Luke Ogle, died 1582, and Christopher Ogle, died 1597. His second marriage produced an additional four children, Mark Ogle, died after 1575, Leonard Ogle, died 1597, Robert Ogle, Isabel Ogle, Myriell Ogle and Beale. All of Luke's children died before inheriting the Eglingham estate. Son Luke Ogle (16th generation) had two children, Luke Ogle of Eglingham, and Myriam.
Luke Ogle of Eglingham, before 1597-1604, 17th generation:
This Luke Ogle succeeded his grandfather in 1597, but died only seven years later in 1604. He married Isabella Craster, daughter of Edmund Craster, Lord of Craster, in the barony of Embleton. Isabel's mother, named in her will as "Alice of Dunstanburgh" died in 1597, two years after her husband. Seeing that the castle at Dunstanburgh had fallen into disrepair, queen Elizabeth commissioned "Mr. Delavale, Mr. Ra. Grey, Mr. Clavering and Mr. Luke Ogle" to "...view and survey the decaies and decaied places of the walls about the castle of Dunstanburghe...".
After Luke's death in 1604, Isabella married an Edward Ogle around 1607. Luke and Isabella had three children, Henry Ogle of Eglingham, 1600, Nicholas Ogle, before 1605, and Anne Ogle, who may have died young.