Paul E. Finn and Teresa C. Hogan Finn
             Paul E. Finn was born in August, 1897 in Lima Ohio. Teresa Hogan was also born in Lima in 1897. They married and eventually had eight children together.
             Edward, 1921, married Genevieve (Ginny) Sager in 1949. Mary Ellen, 1922, married Donald Allen Ogle in 1942. Pauline (Polly), 1926, married Richard Hall.
             Carolyn Rose, 1928, married Wilbur (Bill) Bailey in 1947. Patrick (Pat), 1933, married Sarah Evans. Teresa (Sis), 1936, married James Graham in 1955.
             Paul Joseph Finn, 1937, died very young. Leah, 1940, married Michael Otto in 1963. Teresa Hogan Finn died in 1946 when Leah was only six years old, and
             some of her brothers and sisters were still in school. Carolyn, Polly, Mary and Ed looked after the younger ones while their father worked. In 1930 the Paul
             and Teresa Finn family lived at 1012 North West Street in Lima. By 1940 they were living at 1015 North Union St. Two generations of Baileys would also later
             occupy the North Union Street house.
             Paul married Frances Krownapple around 1956 and moved into the house at 1013 North Union next door to the previous residence. They remained in that
             house until their deaths, both in June, 1978. The Finns were a very close-knit family, which continued in subsequent generations. The annual Finn family
             reunions continue into the present and dozens of relatives from Paul Finn's descendants as well as his siblings' descendants reunite and continue the tradition.