From the earliest Ogles in England to the Ogles of America, almost thirty generations of men and women have left a trail of information, both genetic and anecdotal, resulting in who some of us are today. There remains in this body a glaring omission, which is any clear and distinct connection between a family of Ogles in the United Kingdom to John Ogle, born around 1649, who came to Delaware, on the shores of Colonial America. The Ogle ancestry in England includes American Ogle family roots linked somewhere in English history, but this writing explains one line that is believed and followed by some genealogists and historians, both amateur and professional. This information was compiled to be shared with family members who have an interest in their origins, and to recount tales of interest from some past individuals who made their marks in the world and left stories that are worth sharing. The idea that this writing begins with Humphrey Hoggell as “Generation 1” is obviously not genetically accurate. There were dozens of generations in the hundreds of years prior to the Norman Conquest that included his ancestors, either in England or another country. This writing begins with the earliest written information included in the pipe rolls of England, from the 12th century through the 18th century, and as such, were recorded from transactions related to land and property aquisitions, fees, rents, and the business of the English elites. It must be noted that all of the research herein is superficial and comes from detailed research done by other individuals, as noted herein. Nothing in these pages has benefited from my hands-on reviews of physical documents, most of which I believe do exist. Some of what is written is conjecture, based on sequences of events and should be taken as such. The information herein is merely to serve as a compilation of anecdotes, based on a specific line of ancestry, digested from many different sources, and narrowed down for easier access. It is my hope that these stories will inspire others to add their own research and help clarify any vague connections.