Benjamin Franklin Ogle, 1848-1910, Matilda Entsminger, 1851-1925

Benjamin Franklin Ogle was born in Tiffin, Ohio in 1848. His father Joachim was a settler who had come to Ohio from Maryland about eight years previous. Benjamin's mother, Amanda Chadwick Ogle was an Ohio native and Joachim's second wife, married shortly after his first wife passed away. Benjamin was a middle child with an older half sister in Maryland, older brother and sister and four younger siblings.

Benjamin married Matilda Entsminger in 1867. They had eleven children. Rosetta “Etta”, the oldest, was born in 1866. She married Charles Jackson and had eight children. She died in Akron, Ohio in 1952. James Vincent, 1870, was an oil worker in Texas and died in 1935 in an oil refinery explosion. Elizabeth was born in 1871. Lulu Mae Eckart, 1874, lived in Freedom, Wood County, Ohio.

Ida, born in 1875, married Chauncer Ickes,and lived in Bradner, Ohio and later had a boarding house in Akron, where the male boarders were all employed in rubber factories. Ada, 1878, also married a man named Ickes, William. They also lived in Bradner, then later moved to Elyria, Ohio. Daisy Ogle Huffman was born in 1881 and lived in Sandusky County with her husband and five children.

Benjamin Franklin Ogle Jr., 1888, married Anna Klopp and was a realtor in Lima, Ohio. Rolla was born in 1885 and was married to Nellie Allen, and also lived in Lima. Abel, born December 25, 1886 married Nina Mower. They lived in Lima as well. Phillip, 1890, married Katherine Karg, who died at 36. he then married Mary Romig. They lived in Elyria, Lorain County, Ohio.

Ben Listed his occupations in various censuses as “common laborer” (1870), “laborer (1880), and “teamster” (1900). His sons, Benjamin and Rolla listed their occupations as “cigar maker” in a Tiffin City Directory when they were still living at home. Their address was listed as 24 Grace St. which no longer appears to exist as a house or lot.

Ben senior had distant cousins on the Ogle side already living in Tiffin and Seneca County, and likely went to school with some of them. Those cousins were descendants of Ben's great, great grandfather Joseph Ogle, who lived in Maryland in the middle 1700's. Joseph Ogle and his family, grandson of Joseph Ogle of Maryland was one of the original settlers in Seneca County, coming to the area from Maryland in 1824. Joseph Ogle's youngest son was also named Benjamin Franklin (BF) Ogle, born in Tiffin in1827. He was an attorney in Carey, Ohio in the middle 1800's, by the time this Benjamin Ogle was born.

Matilda Entsminger's family lived in Sandusky County in 1850, the year before she was born. Matilda died in Lima, Allen County, Ohio in 1925, where her sons Ben, Abel, and Rolla were living. Matilda Entsminger Ogle's father was Ebenezer Entsminger. On March 4, 1864, Ebenezer Entsminger put a notice in the Fremont (Ohio) Weekly Journal that his father, 80 year old Samuel Entsminger was missing, having wandered away from the family home on February 1. It is assumed that the elder Entsminger died in the same year.